Cetus Group
Program Deliverables

Throughout the years, our unique evidence-based observational research programs have taught us that without awareness there can be no change. A carefully designed initiative will capture data not available from other sources, and will sometimes test even the most educated hypothesis. Our customers find the data each program generates provides new-found knowledge which helps them guide their operations and planning processes. Data gathered in a Cetus Group program can be used by our clients for a variety of purposes:

  • Journal articles
  • Publications
  • Posters and presentations
  • Marketing and educational materials and initiatives
  • Market research
  • Support for new indications, administrations, dosages

Observational programs are designed and structured to illuminate real world behaviors. Often, sites become keenly aware of practice patterns that require modification merely through the process of participating in such a program. This behavior modification is a valuable benefit inherent to each of Cetus Group’s programs. In addition, customized site level reports can be developed and distributed to each participating site to reiterate their own data in a format that further illuminates behaviors. Several other reporting options can be used, reports that compare a site's own data to those of their peers, and a findings report that illuminates results of extensive analyses from the entire dataset.