Cetus Group
Programs that Fit Your Needs

For our clients, observational programs augment clinical trial data at various phases of a product’s life-cycle. Even though the size and scope of each program we develop varies, each program can be designed to be a stand-alone or a multi-phased initiative, and can be executed at any stage of a product’s lifecycle to:

  • Track important trends
  • Identify educational opportunities
  • Keep abreast of emerging product safety or tolerability issues
  • Measure and improve usage and administration
  • Understand reasons behind adoption rates
  • Determine underdeveloped segments

Cetus Group partners with our clients to develop evidence-based programs that enhance the value proposition they bring to their customers. Including physicians from a variety of environments such as private practice, community clinics and hospitals, and academic medical centers, adds tremendous value for participants by:

  • Broadening disease state knowledge and management options
  • Disseminating clinic and physician best practice behaviors
  • Obtaining a quantitative sense of their own behaviors
  • Exposure to a broader base of similar practices
  • Gain a deeper understanding of patient perspectives