Cetus Group
Program Design

Cetus Group’s approach: design with the end in mind. What questions need evidence-based answers? What information do you want to be able to share with your customers?

Fully articulating your goals and objectives is the most crucial step in the program design process. Determining the amount of data, and the degree of granularity required; the most appropriate target audience; and developing the step-by-step participation process must occur during the concept and design phases.

Cetus Group partners with every client during the design phase to ensure the project’s ultimate success. We work closely with our clients to develop customized:

  • Project protocol
  • Site selection criteria and recruitment strategies
  • Patient selection and inclusion criteria
  • Data elements and CRF design
  • IRB submission
  • Enrollment processes
  • Data collection and monitoring processes
  • Data quality assurance guidelines
  • Program reporting and deliverables
  • Fair-market evaluations for site and patient compensation

Many departments within your company will want to play an active role in a program of this nature. We welcome communication with all of your constituents:

  • Marketing
  • Medical Affairs
  • Health Outcomes
  • Legal
  • Regulatory
  • Strategic Planning