Cetus Group
One Reason: Stellar Results

For nearly two decades, Cetus Group has been the premier provider of real-world data solutions to real-world healthcare challenges. Our clients span the healthcare universe: pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturers, health plans, integrated delivery networks, accountable care organizations, and medical professional organizations. We assist them by filling gaps in their real-world knowledge left by the artificial constraints of controlled clinical trials and by demonstrating the clinical, humanistic and economic value of their products or services

Cetus Group is named after a constellation for a reason.  Together, our talented people and unique evidence-based methodologies for the healthcare industry form a picture much more intriguing than any of the individuals alone.

Our stars are experts at data gathering, data analysis, regulatory matters, clinical research, marketing and medical communications, health economics, epidemiology, patient-reported and clinician-reported outcomes, and much more. Each effective and bright in his or her own right, by connecting them all together into a harmonious, ordered and effective whole, Cetus Group delivers tremendous value for our clients.

We are inquisitive by nature; we were born to think outside the box, to connect the dots. Let us show you how we work.